Family Fun in the Gold Coast: Top Attractions for Kids

With its beautiful beaches, exciting theme parks, and vibrant atmosphere, the Gold Coast in Australia is a top destination for family fun. 

For parents looking to plan a memorable vacation for their children, knowing about the top attractions in this area can be incredibly beneficial. 

By understanding what the Gold Coast has to offer, families can make the most out of their time and create lasting memories for their little ones.

One of the most popular attractions for kids on the Gold Coast is Sea World. 

This marine park offers a unique opportunity for children to learn about marine life through interactive exhibits, shows, and animal encounters.

 From playful dolphins to majestic polar bears, Sea World provides a magical experience for kids of all ages.

Another must-visit destination for families is Warner Bros. Movie World. This theme park is filled with thrilling rides, live shows, and beloved characters from Warner Bros. movies. 

Children can embark on exhilarating adventures with Superman, Batman, and other iconic heroes, making every moment at Movie World an unforgettable experience.

In the upcoming sections of this article, we will delve into more top attractions for kids on the Gold Coast, including Wet’n’Wild Water World and Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary. 

These destinations offer unique experiences for families, from splashing around in water slides to getting up close and personal with native Australian animals

 Stay tuned to discover how these attractions can make your family vacation on the Gold Coast truly special.

Family Fun in the Gold Coast: Top Attractions for Kids

Visit the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary

One of the top attractions for kids on the Gold Coast is the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary. Here, children can get up close and personal with native Australian wildlife, including kangaroos, koalas, and crocodiles. 

They can also enjoy animal feeding experiences and exciting wildlife shows. This is a fantastic way for kids to learn about and appreciate the local fauna in a fun and interactive setting.

Explore Sea World

Sea World is another must-visit attraction for families on the Gold Coast. Children can marvel at amazing marine life, watch exciting shows featuring dolphins and seals, and even have the opportunity to interact with marine animals up close.

 The theme park also offers thrilling rides and attractions that are sure to keep kids entertained for hours on end.

Have a Blast at Warner Bros. Movie World

For families with movie buffs or thrill-seekers, Warner Bros. Movie World is the perfect destination.

 Kids can meet their favorite characters, enjoy adrenaline-pumping rides, and watch live performances that bring their favorite movies to life.

From superhero encounters to heart-pounding roller coasters, this theme park promises an unforgettable day of fun and excitement for the whole family.

Visit Infinity Attraction

If you’re looking for a unique and mind-bending experience, Infinity Attraction is a great choice for families with kids. 

This futuristic attraction is an interactive funhouse filled with mind-bending optical illusions, special effects, and challenging puzzles. 

Kids will love exploring the maze-like corridors, light displays, and vibrant colors that will transport them to a different world of imagination and wonder.

Pros of Family Fun in the Gold Coast: Top Attractions for Kids

Diverse Range of Attractions: The Gold Coast offers a wide array of family-friendly attractions suitable for kids of all ages.

 From thrilling theme parks to interactive wildlife sanctuaries, there is something for everyone to enjoy.

Beautiful Beaches: The Gold Coast boasts some of the most stunning beaches in Australia, providing the perfect backdrop for a fun family day out. 

Kids can build sandcastles, swim in the ocean, or simply relax under the sun.

 Educational Opportunities: Many attractions in the Gold Coast offer educational experiences for kids, allowing them to learn about local wildlife, conservation, and indigenous culture in a fun and engaging way.

 Fun for the Whole Family: The Gold Coast is not just for kids – parents can also join in on the fun! Whether it’s riding roller coasters, exploring underwater worlds, or simply enjoying a day at the beach, there is something for everyone to enjoy as a family.

Year-Round Entertainment: With its sunny climate and mild winters, the Gold Coast is the perfect destination for family fun all year round. Whether you’re visiting during summer or winter, there are always plenty of attractions to keep the kids entertained.

Cons of Family Fun in the Gold Coast: Top Attractions for Kids

While the Gold Coast offers a variety of top attractions for kids, there are also several disadvantages to consider when planning a family outing.

 One of the key drawbacks is the high cost associated with visiting these popular destinations. 

From entry fees to food and souvenir expenses, a day out can quickly add up, putting a strain on the family budget.

Another downside to family fun in the Gold Coast is the large crowds that often flock to these attractions, especially during peak seasons.

 Long lines, crowded spaces, and difficulty finding parking can all take away from the enjoyment of a day out with the family, leading to frustration and stress for both parents and kids.

Additionally, some of the top attractions for kids in the Gold Coast may not be suitable for children of all ages.

 Whether it’s thrill rides with height restrictions or activities that are geared towards older kids, families with younger children may find their options limited, making it challenging to find activities that cater to everyone in the family.


What are some of the most popular theme parks for kids in the Gold Coast?

The Gold Coast is home to several theme parks, each with its unique offerings. Dreamworld and Whitewater World are two popular theme parks that offer thrill rides, Australian wildlife, and a giant water park onsite.

 Movie World is another popular theme park that offers movie-themed rides and attractions

 Are there any family-friendly beaches in the Gold Coast?

Yes, the Gold Coast has several family-friendly beaches, including Broadwater on the northern end, which has gentle waves and sandbanks suitable for toddlers and preschoolers.

Burleigh Heads is another popular beach with a relaxed atmosphere and excellent facilities

What are some unique attractions in the Gold Coast for kids?

The Gold Coast has some unique attractions, including the Gold Coast Butterfly House, where kids can learn about butterflies and see them up close.

 Tropical Fruit World is another quirky attraction, where kids can visit a working fruit farm, feed animals, and enjoy a boat cruise

FAQ 4: What are some activities to do in the Gold Coast hinterland with kids?

The Gold Coast hinterland offers several activities for kids, including Tamborine Mountain, where kids can see waterfalls, spectacular views, and play in rock pools.

Thunderbird Park is another popular attraction in the hinterland, where kids can try their hand at fossicking, high ropes course, or have fun at the kids excavator park

FAQ 5: What are some budget-friendly activities to do in the Gold Coast with kids?

The Gold Coast has several budget-friendly activities, including the Currumbin rock pools, a local swimming spot that is free and an excellent way to escape the heat and hustle of the Gold Coast.

The Gold Coast Aqua Park is another affordable activity, with over 300m of inflatables on the water suitable for adults and children.

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